Cruden Bay Needs You

Cruden Bay is a village long supported by individuals and committees who help advance the interests of the village and promote it as a desirable place to live and visit.

Many of the important organisations such as the Community Association, the Community Council, the Parks, Hall and Harbour Committees, to name but a few, are vital to the ongoing development and improvement of our village, it’s community resources and it’s surrounding area. However as is often the case many of these organisations struggle to attract the involvement of village people and as a consequence many of these important village groups are under manned and often rely on the same willing individuals sitting on numerous groups and committees. This is not an ideal solution on many levels as the few are often involved in numerous village related activities simultaneously and with every new action agreed, even more is asked of these willing individuals. This is where you could help!

At the present time the village needs people to step forward and offer a little bit of their time to help advance a variety of really important projects. These include the preserving and development of Port Erroll Harbour, the potential replacement of the Ladies  Bridge, vital modernisation and improvements to the village hall, the formation of a Christmas lights committee to help coordinate the festive arrangements including the erection of the Christmas lights and assisting with the production of a Christmas concert. These are but a few of the vital village projects which without your help may be at risk of continued progress.

The village organisations strongly urge you to consider giving a little bit of support to the community by volunteering to assist in some form or another with one of the  many current initiatives so desperately in need of your help at the moment.

If you feel you could be one of the people who could make a difference going forward, we really need you to step forward NOW! All you have to do is fill in the form below confirming your contact details and the areas of specific interest to you.