Moving to Cruden Bay

If you are thinking about moving to our lovely part of the world there has never been a better time, with miles of coast line and rural scenes it is the perfect place for a relaxed life style, a recent study showed that living in a relaxing area is becoming more and more popular with more people looking to move out of the hustle and bustle of city life.

Below are some of the top reasons to move to our great area

Seaside and Fishing Resort – Cruden bay is a popular and picturesque area of aberdeenshire with a great local fishing community and thriving tourism from the seaside resort making it a fantastic place to work and retire.

Historic Views – Cruden Bay is home to some amazing views and historic places such as bullers of buchan

If you are looking for a new place to live then Cruden Bay may be the ideal place for you. Before moving we suggest you visit our lovely area and see for your self.

Cruden Bay Harbour

Welcome to the Cruden Bay Harbour section of the Cruden Bay Community Website. There has been a harbour in the vilage for the best part of 200 years which has provided a safe haven for the generations of fishermen who have worked out of what was first known as “Ward of Cruden” and later renamed Port Erroll in recognition of the nineteenth Earl of Erroll who constructed the existing harbour in the 1870’s.

The Slains Castle Estates was later bought by the shipping magnate Sir John Ellerman, known to be one of the wealthiest men of his time, in modern terms his wealth could be compared with the likes of Microsoft’s Bill Gates. When he gave up the estate in the late 1920’s, Ellerman gifted the harbour, along with a sum of £250 to the fishermen of Cruden Bay, on condition that the villagers raise a similar amount by their own efforts to help fund the ongoing operation and maintenance of the harbour. A sale of work was held in the village hall on Saturday 24th March 1923 which raised £200, a massive sum in those days, which was considered sufficient to see the harbour passed over to the management of fishermen who shortly afterwards raised the outstanding balance.

Since these early days the harbour has been run by a management committee and in January of this year the  form of the committee changed to incorporate new  trustees with experience in organisational management and fund raising. This was felt necessary to help better position the harbour management team to access grant funding for much needed repairs and redevelopment of the harbour area.

Over the years the harbour has seen its use evolve to encompass increasingly popular leisure and sporting industries and has become an important community asset offering a functional service throughout the year drawing visitors from far and wide to the area.

The ultimate vision of the current Trustees and Management Committee is to ensure that within the ever-changing nature of the inshore fishing industry, marine leisure activities and ecology, that Port Erroll Harbour is preserved and protected now and for future generations.

Recognising that the Harbour is not likely to become a self-financing entity as it is a tidal and weather dependant facility, the short term vision looks five years ahead and with plans to source adequate funding to ensure the implementation of a structured redevelopment programme.

The harbour now urgently requires a major programme of civil works to halt, and indeed reverse, the current deterioration of the existing piers. These actions would ensure that the harbour can be appropriately redeveloped to provide significantly improved facilities for all it’s users; this will ensure that the harbour and its adjacent area is available for continued use well into the next century.

As a community harbour it is important to reconcile the needs of the commercial fishermen as well accommodating the ever developing needs of the leisure and water sports industry whilst at the same time ensuring that the ecology of the area and surrounding cliffs are also preserved for future generations.

Cruden Bay Harbour deserves the chance of continued service to its community; the philanthropic gesture of Sir John Ellerman in providing the villagers with an essential recourse may well have fulfilled his wishes these past 90 years, however, the time to preserve this precious village asset for further generations is now upon us, for without the much needed redevelopment we must all fear the worst and soon see these once mighty pier walls crumble, and the safe harbour be claimed back into the sea from which it was first taken.

Cruden Bay Harbour always has been, and always should be at the very heart of its community.

Cruden Bay Groups


The Antient, Free and Accepted Lodge of Scottish Freemasons have been meeting in Cruden Bay since 1919 since when the “Lodge” has been a popular centre of friendship for hundreds of village men.
Freemasons Lodges meet on a regular basis, generally during the months between October and May. Lodge St. Olaf meets fortnightly from the first Thursday in October through until March inclusive.
The local lodge in Cruden Bay, like all masonic lodges is actively involved in benevolent and charitable causes, and fund raises on an ongoing basis to provide support and assistance where it is needed. Lodge St Olaf, although only a small village lodge, has donated tens of thousands of pounds to local causes since its inauguration in 1919, and remains committed to the self same principles to this day.
If you are interested to find out more about the work carried out by Lodge St. Olaf, or Freemasonry in general. You can visit their site to the answers of many “frequently asked questions”
The lodge always extends the hand of friendship to visiting freemasons, and is equally keen to meet potential new members who might like to join. If you fall into either of these categories, why don’t you take this opportunity and call them.

Cruden Bay Village Hall Management Committee

The Village hall has recently secured funding to carry out much needed upgrading the building including, the work is likely to commence during 2010.

The village hall is a valuable asset used by all manner of groups on a regular basis, groups who make regular use of the village hall include:

Mother and toddler
Over 50’s group
Aerobics class
Indoor carpet bowls
Badminton group
And many others on an ongoing basis. The hall is also available for parties and discos etc. during the weekend.

Cruden Bay Community Council & Association

Cruden Community Council offers a forum to represent the interests of the residents of Hatton, Longhaven, Whinnyfold and Cruden Bay. Local Authority bodies have a duty to consult with Community Councils on issues relating to significant planning and licensing applications and on other matters that may require representation from the public in general.
The Community Council usually meets at 7:30pm on the third Tuesday of the month, bi-monthly commencing in February, and at the present time (June 2009) meetings are held in Port Erroll School. Members of the public are welcome to attend as observers. Please check to confirm date and venue with one of the Office Bearers beforehand. If you wish to consult with the Community Council about an issue, please speak to the Chair or Secretary prior to the meeting date, so that your request can be added to the agenda.
Cruden Bay Community Association represents all residents within the Cruden Bay Polling District, that is the area defined by the electoral boundaries.
All residents over the age of 18 within this area are members of the Community Association. The object of the Association is to support and promote any activities that would improve the well being of the Community, in particular as it relates to health, education, recreation and social topics and through this support, foster a community spirit.
The Association is managed by an elected committee which meets on the first Monday of every month (except during the summer months) in Port Erroll School.

Recreation Park Group

The Mill Park Cruden Bay is just one of several amenities which has been left in trust to the community of Cruden Bay.
The Park Committee & Trustees secured over £140,000 to help the regeneration the first phase of Mill Park since when they have also developed a second all weather playing surface, both of which are now available for the use of the community .
Numerous groups make regular use of the playing fields and the all weather playing areas, but new users are always welcomed and all enquiries can be made through the Recreation Park Secretary, Mrs. Brenda.

Cruden Bay Clubs

Ugie Folk Club

OK, so we’ve got your attention, now this is how it works!

To give you a wee flavour of what we get up to at the Ugie Folk Club, the pages of our official website will hopefully furnish you with all you need to know about us.
The club was initially formed in 1992 and has had a strong membership throughout the years with many of the founder members still very much involved and ready to greet you with the warmest of welcomes at our regular club nights if you would like a wee bit more detail regarding the early years click here.
We especially encourage new performers to participate in our club nights so don’t be backward at coming forward, there are always plenty of instruments at hand or players willing to give you their backing if required.

Horticultural Club

The main activity of the Horticultural Society is the annual flower show which is held in August every year. The show presents a wide range of horticultural awards for a wide range of related activities and is widely contested and supported.

Telephone any of the listed numbers for information on meetings and the Flower Show.

Bowling Club


Kathleen Craig

01779 841221

Vice President

Bob Mackay

01779 812183


Isabel Young

01779 812360


Mike Baxter

01779 476270

Hat Afternoons
Mondays & Wednesdays
2-4 pm cost 20p
£1.20 for visitors

Thursday Hat Night
Starts at 7pm
£1.00 for members – £2.00 for non members
Junior training every Tuesday night at 7pm, age for this is 10 years upwards, for further details contact Alex Watson on 01779 812750

Annual Fees
Adults £35.00
Seniors £30.00
Juniors £11.00

Club coaching available from Bill Menzies
For further details call 01779 812485
Or mobile 07904 817669

Junior training (age 10 and upwards)
every Thursday night 5pm to 6pm
For further details contact Alex Watson 01779 812750
Club bowls are available if you don’t have your own

For further information don’t hesitate to contact any of the above committee members.

Cruden Bay Needs You

Cruden Bay is a village long supported by individuals and committees who help advance the interests of the village and promote it as a desirable place to live and visit.

Many of the important organisations such as the Community Association, the Community Council, the Parks, Hall and Harbour Committees, to name but a few, are vital to the ongoing development and improvement of our village, it’s community resources and it’s surrounding area. However as is often the case many of these organisations struggle to attract the involvement of village people and as a consequence many of these important village groups are under manned and often rely on the same willing individuals sitting on numerous groups and committees. This is not an ideal solution on many levels as the few are often involved in numerous village related activities simultaneously and with every new action agreed, even more is asked of these willing individuals. This is where you could help!

At the present time the village needs people to step forward and offer a little bit of their time to help advance a variety of really important projects. These include the preserving and development of Port Erroll Harbour, the potential replacement of the Ladies  Bridge, vital modernisation and improvements to the village hall, the formation of a Christmas lights committee to help coordinate the festive arrangements including the erection of the Christmas lights and assisting with the production of a Christmas concert. These are but a few of the vital village projects which without your help may be at risk of continued progress.

The village organisations strongly urge you to consider giving a little bit of support to the community by volunteering to assist in some form or another with one of the  many current initiatives so desperately in need of your help at the moment.

If you feel you could be one of the people who could make a difference going forward, we really need you to step forward NOW! All you have to do is fill in the form below confirming your contact details and the areas of specific interest to you.

The Cruden Water – Cruden Poem

The Cruden Water

Come sing a sang o’Cruden Burn’, there’s music in the name;

Altho’ I fear I’ll never sing, oor burnie into fame.

Tho’ some may say ye needna care, it’s but a moonshine matter

An’ think there’s naething to be said, aboot the Cruden Water.

There’s some that sing aboot the Don, some sing aboot the Dee,

Jist let them sing I dinna care, it’s a’ the same to me.

But when they rave on Ugie side, I feel as mad’s a hatter

To think there’s name to sing aboot, the bonnie Cruden Water.

Altho’ its course it may be short, that fact it winna hide,

But oft in artificial lade, I’ve watched the water glide

Until it turned the Millers wheel, wi’eident rush an’ splatter,

Then races on ance mair to join, the bonnie Cruden Water.

When wimplin’ doon fae Dudwick hill, ‘tis but a sparlin’ rill

Until it meet Ardallie burn, nearby Auchleuchries Mill,

An’ when we pass the Miller’s door, we hear the happer clatter,

O woe betide the Miller if, there wasna Cruden Water.

Then past Auquharney wood sae braw, mid fields in summer green,

She winds her way doon Cruden howe, half hid in banks atween.

Past mony a farm and farmyard, whaur spurgies chirp an’ chatter,

An’ mony a wheel to grind oor meal, is turned by Cruden Water .

An’ when I chance to view the scene, it aye brings to my min’

When I used to paddle in the stream, whem summer days were fine,

When toddlin’ ower the Hatton brig, the bairnies’ feet fair patter,

What time the skweel is scalin’ near, the bonnie Cruden Water.

‘Tis here she meets the burnie, that Comes doon by Hatton toon,

Whaur often I hae fished for trout,Till gloamin’ it cam’ doon.

But when she comes to Uppermill, again her channels scatter

Aince mair to turn the Miller’s wheel, the eident Cruden Water.

By pinky braes she winds her way, then eastwards taks a turn,

An’ here her volume does increase, fed by the Aldie burn.

If ony ask the reason why, the Miller’s purse gets fatter,

It is because we chance to hae, an eident Cruden Water.

Then doon the Haughs o’ Nethermill, the water gently flows,

The Scots here made their final stand, against their Danish foes.

An’ as the battle did proceed, her babks they did bespatter

Wi’ their life’s blood, alas that day, twas bloody Cruden Water.

An’ when the struggle ended, lo, Such numbers lay around,

They built a chapel on the spot, to consecrate the ground.

The Danes were routed in the fight, ‘I dinna mean to flatter’,

But Scots their mettle proved that day, beside the Cruden Water.

I’ve seen ye as a tiny stream, in summer rippling clear,

I’ve seen ye racin’ muddy, grim, n wintry landscape drear.

Whiles flooding o’er rich loamy haughs, an’ leaving them like batter,

That gars the fairmer boddies say, a plague on Cruden Water.

Whiles racin’ o’er yer shingly bed, now swirling in a pool,

Whiles sparkling in the noonday sun, now gliding dark and cool.

Ye’ve been the same for ages. When, my sonnet’s in a a tatter

Ye’ll still be flowing to the sea, ye Bonnie Cruden Water.

So here on Cruden’s sandy beach, she meets the rolling tide

To get lost within the Ocean, an’ get scattered far an’ wide.

Now when they brag ‘boot Ugieside, we winna heed their chatter,

But aye keep up oor side an’ sing, the bonnie Cruden Water.

Accommodation In Cruden Bay

The village boasts 3 fine hotels for your convenience, all of which offer affordable, comfortable accommodation and a fine choice of foods.
There are also a number of Bed & Breakfast providers within the village who again offer excellent value for money combined with friendly service.

Kilmarnock Arms Hotel

Described, in a Great North Scotland Railway guide book 1990, as an “old established Hotel”. The Kilmarnock Arms goes back to at least 1888 when a local newspaper reported a dinner in honour of a departing tenant from Braehead farm.

Red House Hotel

A traditional Scottish welcome awaits you at the Red House Hotel, situated in the tranquil coastal village of Cruden Bay, only 30 minutes drive from Aberdeen airport. The Red House is an ideal base for those interested in golf, bird watching, river and sea angling, or a little history, for the haunting ruins of Slains Castle tower over the cliffs of Cruden Bays rugged beautiful coast.
The St. Olaf is a family owned and managed hotel situated on the edge of Cruden Bays world famous Championship links Golf Course, a path leads directly to the Club House.
This friendly Hotel offers a homely atmosphere, a mixture of en-suite, non en- suite and family rooms, with a high standard of home cooking in relaxing surroundings.

Old House

The Old School House also provides fantastic value in a superb setting located just on the outskirts of the village itself.
There are also self catering properties available from time to time including the following.